Looking to shed your winter coat? Experts debunk four Laser Hair Removal Myths about getting lasered in the 21st century.

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We humans have a complicated relationship with body hair. We rip it out of our skin with hot wax, scrape it off with sharp blades, or dissolve it with chemical depilatories. Those of us who want it gone spend precious time and energy seeking the most effective methods—only for it to stubbornly grow back a few days or weeks later.

Laser hair removal seems to promise a reprieve from this never-ending cycle of removal and regrowth, but it’s been plagued by myths and misconceptions since it was first FDA-approved in 1997. Many of these misconceptions were born in its early days when the practice was still new and developing. But technology has come a long way since then. From costs to types of lasers and expected results, Milan Laser sets the record straight—busting the four most common myths about laser hair removal.

Myth #1: It’s way too expensive. 

It’s true, the upfront 3- to 4-digit sticker price of laser hair removal is going to make you think twice. However, while the per-treatment cost is much lower, a lifetime of waxing every 6 weeks will add up to a truly bank-breaking $23,000. If your goal is to be hair-free, laser hair removal is a much more cost-effective long-term investment. You can say goodbye to the ritual (and expense) of hair removal forever in just 7 to 10 treatments, whereas waxing is a never-ending slog of repeat appointments—with awkward regrowth phases in-between visits.

Many laser hair removal providers charge per session, but Milan Laser’s Unlimited Packageguarantees results for life with each body area. This includes initial course treatment and future touch-up sessions. 

Myth #2: The results aren’t actually permanent. 

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigmented hair follicles with a highly-concentrated beam of light that permanently damages the follicle, preventing the hair from ever rearing its prickly little head again.

However, hair grows in a cycle. Laser hair removal only works on hairs in the active growth phase, which is why multiple sessions are needed to achieve completely hair-free skin. Appointments are scheduled every 5 to 6 weeks to catch each hair at the right point in the growth cycle.

Another factor is that hair growth is controlled by hormones. Certain hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, can activate dormant hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth where there wasn’t any before. This is why some people will need touch-up sessions to maintain results.

Myth #3: It’s super painful. 

Okay, yikes. Zapping your hair follicles with a literal laser beam certainly sounds painful! But in reality, the pain level falls several degrees short of waxing. So if you’ve been gritting your teeth through monthly waxing sessions, laser hair removal will be a breeze in comparison. And unlike waxing, the temporary pain is a trade-off for lasting results. With every zap of the laser, you’re few hairs closer to never shaving or waxing again—and that feels utterly amazing.

Myth #4: It’s only effective for dark hair and light skin.

Because early lasers weren’t as sophisticated as laser technology today, they had trouble differentiating skin pigment from hair pigment. This meant that at best, laser hair removal was ineffective for people with darker skin tones. At worst, the treatments could cause burns, scarring, or pigmentation.

The GentleMax Pro laser used by Rapid Laser Med Spa technicians offers two wavelengths to effectively treat all skin types: The 755 nm Alexandrite laser is used on lighter skin tones, while the 1064 nm Nd:YAG is safe for darker skin tones.

No matter what skin tone you have, it’s important to go to a clinic that specializes in laser hair removal with experienced, highly trained professionals. All Rapid Laser Med Spa procedures are performed by Authorized Candela Practitioners, who are extensively trained and overseen by medical doctors.

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