Why No Contracts?Why No Contracts?

No Contracts… For Laser Hair Removal. Period. Ever.

Periodically, we bring in the experts from the various companies we work with to train and update our staff with new techniques and better ways to effectively use the equipment we employ at Rapid Laser Med Spa. Last week we had a representative from Candela, the company that manufactures our laser for hair removal, visited the spa for a training session. She wanted to know how we sell our laser hair removal packages at the Spa. She was astounded at the fact that we don’t require contracts. In fact, in her 8 years working for the company that produces the best laser for hair removal, she had never run across a business that didn’t require a contract for the service.

Imagine This…

  • You’ve started treatments at another spa and due to whatever circumstance you’ve decided to switch. You’re 5 or 6 treatments in and you don’t need treatments at regular intervals at this point.
  • You have an emergency and have to miss a treatment or two. You shouldn’t have to pay for service that you haven’t received.
  • You’re not happy with your service or laser hair removal in general and decide it’s not for you. You shouldn’t be bound by a contract.

Get it?

A contract for laser hair removal makes no sense. That’s why ours is the ONLY CONTRACT-FREE LASER HAIR REMOVAL SERVICE IN LAS VEGAS. Come in and see us. We can give you a free consultation and explain what results to expect. Though every person is different the growth process of our hair is exactly the same. Knowing this, we can tailor make a hair removal plan to suit your needs.

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