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Tattoo Removal Starting at $50 at Rapid Laser Med Spa

The Lumenis PiQ04 Laser

Let’s face it… sometimes you need a do-over.

If you live in the greater Las Vegas area and are thinking about tattoo removal, contact the team at Rapid Laser Med Spa about Laser Tattoo Removal. We are one of the only facilities to use the new Lumenis PiQo4 laser. This powerful tool treats an area of skin that’s more than four times larger than other laser systems, making it possible to complete tattoo removal in less treatments. Because this is one of our most popular services and because Tattoo size and detail varies so much, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with specific questions about your tattoo. Based on these questions, we’ll be able to estimate a price and number of sessions needed. If you’re a returning customer just click the “BOOK ONLINE” button below the form.

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Learn more about Laser Tattoo Removal at our website RapidMedSpa.com